Writing classics essay

Length will not, of itself, lead to a better mark. A's authorial voice, often assoc. It's perfectly fine to start out a paper with a preliminary thesis--in fact, it's a good idea, as it will give your paper direction and focus--but don't be afraid to change it.

You will see how this is done in my essay on Othello. Such limits are always carefully chosen and should be followed. You will not get marks for anything that does not answer the question and it is easy to stray off the point.

Like every device, simply saying that alliteration or elision exists in a line does not constitute an argument. An essay should be checked carefully for poor English, typing mistakes, and errors of fact before it is submitted.

It does not need to be either italicized or put in quotation marks, but it should still be cited. For citation of ancient texts, consult the classics-oriented web pages given below and pay attention to your texts and course readings.

The dialect used in the book, particularly the racial slurs, has long been controversial. You will get credit for showing that you are able to see two sides to the argument. Four 4 copies of the essay should be mailed by an English teacher on behalf of the student each English teacher may submit only one junior and one senior essay.

Translations Each professor will likely give you a different answer on this issue. Never put your essay in a binder or folder or have it bound unless an instructor specifically asks you to.

What are your reactions to these criticisms. Grand Prize Approximate Retail Value: Your instructor might give specific instructions, but the most common system in use in classics today is what is often called an author-date reference system.

Or, at least, your first thesis. Write these quotations onto file cards with their relevance underneath and stick them somewhere that you look at frequently. Setting, portrayal of attempted rape in Ovid's Vertumnus and Pomona myth.

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It is common practice to add, at the first citation of an ancient source, a reference indicating what translation is being used. A small point but vital: Topics should require students to draw insights from, and make connections with other related courses they have taken.

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The advice here concentrates on examination techniques but can be applied to course work and other essays, though these may well be longer and have more paragraphs.

This key sentence, with a little tweaking and expansion could be your opening paragraph. The Senior Essay will usually be written in the last year of study and usually in conjunction with another course e.

Shows the transition from Greek to Roman civilization. Guide to essay writing An academic essay should be a compact, lucid, structured argument which answers a question or addresses a prescribed topic and shows that the student has done appropriate work for the course.

Writing a literature essay.

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I advised you not to go through the text in order from beginning to end (of the whole or part) when you write your own essays on a literary work.I have done it myself on this website to provide clarity for the general reader and for those who may need a little extra help when studying a book for an examination.

Guide to essay writing. An academic essay should be a compact, lucid, structured argument which answers a question or addresses a prescribed topic and shows that the student has done appropriate work for the course. The Odyssey Essay Classic literature often provides insight to an ancient society, their values, and their beliefs.

Many books that are considered classics today focus on ancient Rome and Greece. Revenge, hubris, and other themes, and the relation of this book to modern life, classifies the poem The Odyssey by Homer, translated by Fitzgerald. Sometimes an essay question starts with a quote from a primary or secondary source.

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Often, the quote itself is not the focus of the question, but rather it is included to direct you to the focus of the question. Guidelines for Writing a Paper in a Classics Class (printable version here)Essays written for Classics classes are often similar to those written for any class that analyzes texts.

Writing classics essay
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